Fun-Filled Coffee Journey

Bangkok · Enjoy the vibe as we discover hidden Bangkok cafes

Lifestyle experience


  • 3.5
  • ฿1,500
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Start your day with pure enjoyment as we hop around the cafes from old town to a new hangout spot. Get to know little more about Thai coffee, tips&tricks for coffee/cafes as we go. We will be on the hunt for Thai-style coffee and enjoy breakfast at generations-old brunch place. Make yourself at home and have fun making your own cup of coffee at a modern Thai coffee roaster.

1 breakfast dish
3 drinks
1 snack

Get ready, relax and prepare to explore Thai coffee. We will take you to a heartwarming, generations-old café offering you the local breakfast atmosphere; and local coffee shops where you will get to make your coffee and experience Thai beans in different ways.

All guests must be at least 18 years old and children can’t come along.
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