Secret of Sacred Tattoo

Bangkok · Enter the world of sacred tattoo (sakyant)

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We’ll begin by exploring the local market to buy offerings for the sacred tattoo ceremony, and chat and mingle with people who come get sakyant. Learn how the master creates a design by discussing what you want to achieve in your life and finding a symbol appropriate for you should you decide to get a tattoo (which is not part of this experience). Receive a blessing and talk more over lunch.

The local restaurant provides more than 25 choices of foods, including vegetarian.
1 non-alcoholic drink
Tuk Tuk
We’ll ride Tuk Tuk together to and from Arjan Neung’s place.
Fruits and Thai snacks

The samnak is a sacred&spiritual place where Arjan Neng lives and practices magical tattoo (sakyant). It’s not a temple but you will see lots of hermit (magician) statues, the root of sakyant. It’s a legitimate business establishment that observes the applicable health&safety regulations in Bangkok.

All guests must be at least 18 years old and children can’t come along.
Government ID
You’ll need to take a selfie and match it to the photo on your ID. This is so Airbnb can confirm who’s actually going on the experience. You’ll only have to do this once.
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