Thai Fruit Carving

Bangkok · Create beautiful art from fruits and vegetables

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  • 3.5
  • ฿1,500
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We’ll meet at my one table restaurant right in the heart of Bangkok. From there we’ll ride with a tuk tuk taxi to my favorite food market, where I will help you select the best fruits and vegetables to work with. We’ll head back to my restaurant, where I’ll teach you to master the fine art of Thai fruit carving. Finally, I’ll prepare a delicious meal for you to decorate with your own creations!


About your host, Waewmanee

I’m the founder and executive chef of Farm 22, a one-table, farm-to-table restaurant in the heart of Bangkok. In 2015, I opened a pop-up gallery for fruit and vegetable carving.


Be sure to bring a camera to take photos of the market and your creations!

I’ll prepare a Thai meal for you to decorate with your own beautiful creations! Vegan & vegetarian options available.
I’ll prepare a healthy and delicious drink made from local ingredients such as ginger, galangal, or pandan leaves.
Tuk tuk ride between the market and my restaurant.
I’ll provide all tools that you need for fruit and vegetable carving.
Local snacks while you learn how to carve fruits and vegetables.

Klong Toey is Bangkok’s best 24/7 food market, always bustling with locals. As a chef, I’m here almost daily to buy fresh ingredients for Farm22, my organic farm-to-table restaurant. I’ll close the restaurant for the day so we’ll have plenty of space to enjoy the experience together.

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